What guarantees?

The best guarantee is reviews, more than 1000 positive reviews have already been written about our work, we also have identified wallets, quality promotion methods that guarantee 100% security of your communities and pages from blocking.

Subscribers dropped, what should I do?

If the description of the service says that the service is with a guarantee and the warranty period is indicated, then during the warranty period you can unsubscribe to technical support and ask for a drop, one order can be submitted for a screw-in no more than 2 times, the guarantee for orders is not summed up, each order considered separately, technical support contacts are listed at the bottom of the site

Should my profile be open?

Yes, in most cases your profile / group / channel must be open, if there is a possibility of cheating on a closed profile, this will be discussed in the description of the service

Can I change the link to a community, channel, video, post or account?

No, you can only cancel the service, if it is possible on this service, after the cancellation, the money is automatically returned to the balance and then you can re-order to another group / account / channel

What order statuses exist on the service?

“Partially completed” - the order is incomplete or not completed at all, funds for incomplete orders are returned to the balance, or funds for the entire order are returned to the balance, possible reasons for stopping the order: the database has run out of free accounts for your account or is stopped in order to avoid sanctions from the side of social networks
"Canceled" - For the reason that you inserted the wrong link to the promotion object or it is not possible to execute this order now, choose another tariff or try a few hours later at the same tariff, sometimes a comment is written to cancel the order
"Completed" - the order is completed
“Pending” - an order in the processing process, which may take some time, most often this situation occurs when at the time of the start of the order, the initial mark on the promotion object became less than when placing an order or for this technical service problem

During which time will the order be completed?

The description of the service indicates: the approximate speed of the order and the approximate speed of the start of the order, to see them, click the "description" button near the desired service

How can I cancel an order?

To do this, write to tech support, indicating the order number, some services can be canceled at the start, some are in the process, some can not be canceled